So pleasant to work with, so child friendly. Thanks for great pictures.
Perli Kenig
Beit Shemesh
Not only are we absolutely delighted with the professional photographs that Rivka Levey took of our production processes for our website and marketing literature, but she was a pleasure to work with. Experienced and with great expertise, Rivka understood our requirements with remarkable acuity and captured the all-important spirit of our ethos and attention to detail through her lens, without ever impeding our operation and production staff. She went the extra mile with the post-photo-shoot editing, to ensure that the final results were perfect, and made sure to let us know that if anything needed altering, she’s just a click away. If only all of our suppliers were so attentive, our work would be a lot less stressful!
Irwin Stern
Breeze Ltd, Manchester
Rivka was so patient and caring with my son. She gave such personal care and attention to my son it was as if she was taking pictures of her own baby. Can't wait for the next milestone my son reaches so I can do some more pictures!
Biet Shemesh
Highly recommend Rivka! Easy and accommodating whilst very professional! Excellent excellent results, we love all our pictures!
Batya Levene
Beit Shemesh
Rivka had loads of patience! Very friendly.
Family Noyek
Thanks so much! You did such an amazing job bringing out the beauty of each child and creating long lasting memories. It was such a pleasure working with you.
Rochelle Zahn
Thank you! We are looking forward to another session sometime soon - it was really enjoyable and the pictures are amazing!
Chaya Schorr
Beit Shemesh
Rivka! I think you were amazing with the children. So warm and personable. We really enjoyed your professional service.
Beit Shemesh
Enjoyable and relaxed photo shoot, outstanding results and excellent customer service. Looking forward to using Rivka Levey Photography again in the near future
Family Stern
Rivka was fabulous! The photoshoot was such a positive experience and now we have wonderful pictures of the whole family that we will cherish forever. In one short session Rivkah was able to take an unbelievable amount of quality, beautiful shots. I was very impressed with the way she was able to direct and instruct my kids while still keeping the atmosphere fun and pleasant. At the same time she was quick with the camera to take candid shots that were also very beautiful and gave us a variety of types of pictures to choose from. She was super creative in choosing spots and poses and our lovely pictures are a reflection of her expertise and artistic eye. I would highly recommend Rivka Levey to anyone, especially for little children. We are so happy with the results and with the experience as a whole!
Chaya Steinman
Beit Shemesh